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Local Brewery In Waco, Texas

Located in the town of Waco, Texas is the local brewery, Waco Ale Company. From our humble beginnings as an experimental brewpub to its current status as a staple in Central Texas’s craft beer scene, Waco Ale Company has earned itself a special place in downtown Waco. Here’s a closer look at what makes our local brewery so great!

Local Brewery In Waco, Texas

Beer Selection

Waco Ale Company takes pride in its diverse selection of beers. It offers something for every type of beer drinker—from the IPA lover to the sour aficionado—allowing visitors to try new beers each time they visit. We even have rotating taps that showcase our ever-changing portfolio of seasonal creations, including some truly unique combinations. Additionally, we even supply local restaurants and bars with our staple brews to allow you to enjoy Waco Ale at your favorite restaurants.

Brewing Process

The brewing process is where Waco Ale Company really shines. Our brewers pay attention to every detail when crafting recipes, ensuring that each one meets our high standards for quality and flavor. We use only the freshest ingredients possible and strive to stay true to traditional brewing methods while also experimenting with new techniques. The result is an extensive list of delicious beers that have won over both critics and consumers alike. You can check out our full selection of brews along with their availability by visiting our beer page.

Events & Experiences

At Waco Ale Company, you can enjoy more than just great beer; you can also experience all sorts of fun events throughout the year! Our brewery’s taproom is always filled with great entertainment and a perfect mix of locals and Waco visitors who make the atmosphere enjoyable. Plus, we regularly host special tasting events where guests can sample rare or limited-edition brews not available elsewhere. No matter what type of experience you’re looking for, Waco Ale Company has something for everyone!

If you are looking to plan an event in Waco and would like to inquire about our prviate event services, fill out our Plan An Event form. We offer keg supplies and can even host the event ourselves if the event aligns with our schedule and staffing/supply abilities.

Community Involvement

As Waco continues to grow, so do the number of events centered around downtown Waco. Downtown Waco is home to great events where you can find our beer and our team out and about spreading the word about Waco Ale Company. We regularly sponsor local events and are heavily involved in community events to show our support for our community.


If you’re looking for a lively spot that serves amazing craft beer brewed with care right here in Central Texas, then look no further than Waco Ale Company! From our vast selection of high-quality beers spanning multiple styles to our fun events designed to bring people together through shared experiences—we do it all! So come join the community today and raise a glass at this local brewery while enjoying everything it has to offer.


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